Frame Assembly


To frame your parchment, follow these simple steps:

1. Remove the fibrex backing on the back of the frame by turning the tension clips.
2. Remove the acid-free black backing paper to expose the back side of the mat if you are framing a parchment.
3. Peel back the covering on the acid-free re-positionable two way tape that runs along the top of the mat.
4. Centre your parchment and press down along the top over the two way tape.
5. If your parchment needs to be removed, it will not get damaged as it will lift easily from the re-positionable tape.
6. Put down the black backing paper and re-insert the fibrex backing by turning the tension clips into the channel that is cut into the moulding.
7. You are now ready to hang your parchment frame without any need for wire. The tension clip along the top of the frame is centered so you just need to insert it into a hanger or a screw with a plug.